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Urgently needed soup kitchen for Burgas

For children, single parents, welfare recipients and retirees, regardless of origin or religion. Many of the people who are coming to us are in the midst of financial bottlenecks and are only struggling to make ends meet.
We are planning a new soup kitchen in Burgas, Bulgaria. While we are ready to get started right away, we lack the necessary resources.

What we need
For the construction of the soup kitchen we need € 10,000. This capital will cover the cost of renovating and equipping our new soup kitchen so that we can help more people and alleviate the poverty that is so widespread in Bulgaria. More than 100 children will be given a warm meal daily in the kitchen, which would otherwise have to go to bed hungry. If we can improve the living conditions of these children, we make an important contribution to our society.

Other ways you can help
In addition, you can share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms you use. The more people know about the project, the easier we can collect the money. We are ready to do good in a great way, and with your help we know we can do that too.

We invite you to become part of this movement, to contribute to donations and to share this campaign with your acquaintances!

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